How to make the character fall on a rotating platform

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  • Hi all,

    Basically I made a little platform that rotates with the rotate behaviour. If the character jumps on it, and the platform completely rotates, most of the time the character seems to stick to the platform and sometimes climb on top of it though you would expect him to fall.

    Since I'm not using any physics, I wonder how you would fix this?

    I have created a capx to show what I mean. Just jump on the platform and you 'll understand if my explanations we not clear.


  • This kind of thing happens with the default platform behaviour, its not perfect by any means but often good enough for most simple projects.

    If you don't want to use physics you could try using a detector object underneath your player. If the object detects the ground is sloping enough for your player to fall then you can manually set it to move via simulate control or by setting x,y.

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  • Thanks for your reply, I'll try this then.


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