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  • I was wondering if its possible to create a character editor option for games using C2.

    By an editor I mean having an option in the game in which the standard character of the game is chosen. Then a paint option pops up and people can draw and erase parts of that character and draw their own character using that template. Something like a small paint option with 5-10 colours and an eraser option. Then when the persone draws on the character and saves, this then changes the pre-existing character to the newly edited one.

    Anyone have any ideas on how this might be possible?

  • retrodude Here's a capx that I made for someone else who requested this same feature. It's not perfect (captured area seems to be offset for some reason, probably a silly one), but it has the basic idea that you want. capx

    I'd suggest that you also take a look at R0J0hound's canvas plugin for more advanced drawing tools.

    The way I see it, you have two options when the player is finished "drawing" the objects: either capture the canvas space with a screenshot (like in my capx), or capture the position/angle of the objects and recreate that fully in-game. The latter could make for some interesting custom animation if you use physics joints, but could also be very sprite-heavy, possibly to the point of slowing down the game.

  • I found the offset glitch. you move the "DrawingCanvas" to the upper left (0,0) where the canvas obviously grabs the image, but you didn't move the "DrawingBlob"

    I added the following two lines to the start of event 2s actions:

    DrawingBlob | Set X to DrawingBlob.X-50

    DrawingBlob | Set Y to DrawingBlob.Y-50

    (then I put it back after with +50s)

    Putting them all in a family and moving them all at once might work too.

  • Ah, brilliant. Thanks Silly oversight of mine :/

    I've added those changes and re-uploaded the capx. Still here.

  • I like it, makes me want to make a Mr Potato head type avatar maker. Drag and drop parts to assemble a face, and save using Pode's Filesaver plugin.

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  • WOW amazing, thanks alot mate

    Ah, brilliant. Thanks Silly oversight of mine :/

    I've added those changes and re-uploaded the capx. Still

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