How do I Make my character Duck with animation

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  • So i have a Animation through Spriter. I made one called "duck"

    My Playerbox that my animation is set to, has a size of 32x90

    I really want to make my character be able to duck under oncoming bullets.

    This is kind of how i have gone about it so far. I can get the playerbox to avoid bullets fine. but my animation is not playing correctly. I think it has something to do with maybe while the Arrow is being held down it is playing over and over?

    Any suggestions?

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  • You have to adjust your animation corresponding to how you want to code it.

    if you set looping to yes, make sure the animation is loopable so it won't look weird when looping.

    or you can separate the duck into 3 animations (1 for going to duck, 1 for ducking (loopable) and last for going back to Idle)

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