How do I make character different animation at the end.

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  • Hello,

    Guys i new to this community sorry for if i do something wrong!

    I want to ask that how can i make different animation when i reach to the of ladder collision i mean the upper side make different animation somewhat it shows like character is putting his hand on the ground like taking support for standing up....

    I guess you guys get my point if not i'll explain better way!


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  • I'm not sure if this is correct, I'm more trying to give you some sort of idea before an actual professional comes to help you but...

    I think, do you have variables for your character? like "climbing" or some sort of state that controls/tells the game "the player is currently climbing" ?

    Perhaps check if right after he is "done climbing" play the animation of his arms supporting him up.

    Maybe place uhm... imagepoints on your ladders at the required places - and when your sprite collides with them have the animation play out?

    Maybe when the sprite collides with the top of the ladder, set a thing to prepare him for "Getting up" and make the getting up animation play before you can fully move your character?

    I hope I helped, sorry its pretty scatter brained. Here let me fix it a bit...

    Try placing an image point near the top of the ladder, when your player is overlapping it, have the animation play of him getting up.

  • Somewhat like this :

    I need its steps tutorial how can i do!

    As i say noob over here....

    You guys are awesome....


  • Have you done many tutorials before making a game?

    I think if you just have the character finish climbing, and disable controls for half a second after finish climbing, just make his first animation play 'getting up', and then give him regular controls.

  • Nope very few just some Youtube videos and it helps but not much!

    Some steps would really appreciated...

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