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  • Three things I want to learn how to do.

    1) Have my player dash with a button.

    2) Have my player dash while pressing the direction twice.

    3) Have my player be able to air dash.

    I understand that I can have my player move forward in x amount of pixels with the move forward feature. The thing is that I want my character to be able to have it flow like megaman x or something sort of that caliber. The move forward function actually has my player sort of jump to the pixel or teleport, what have you.

    Any tips would be great.

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  • You can temporarily increase the player's acceleration and max speed and have it reset on a timer.

    For the double-press dash, I would have an instance variable on the player titled "Dash". Make it so pressing ">" once adds 1 to "Dash" and subtracts 1 from "Dash" a second later. If "Dash">1 then activate the effects you want and set Dash to 0.

    It should work identically in the air if you disable gravity and cancel out Y velocity on the same timer.

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