How do I make a character dash?

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  • As the subjects says, any suggestions how do I make a simple dash? (Rogue Legacy for example)

    Like: Double pressed right arrow dashes to the right, same for left arrow but obviously in opposite direction.

    I tried manipulating VectorX and MaxSpeed but it either doesn't work or overlaps with the current character's movement. Any .capx examples would be highly appreciated, but tips as well.

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  • hey MozayKnows

    mmm really ? Vector X didnt work?

    it works on my games

    I would first ask you since you said that you already tried Vector X

    perhaps you messed up the events happens, none of us are perfect

    Anychance we could see how have you setup your double tap conditions as well..

    if there is a problem I would start looking at the

    The start of the events, 'The conditions' that you used maybe where the Problem lies..

    any chance you could show how you did your Vector X events...maybe there is a problem in it

  • Actually it was my bad, I didn't increase the MaxSpeed and while moving + dashing the character stopped because the VectorX I set for dash was unreachable at that point. It works now. Thanks for your effort though!

  • No usually comes down to user

    glad you figured it out..

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