How do I make a character creator?

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  • Hey guys,

    Actually, I know how to make one, but I need some advice.

    I have characters made from pieces.

    The player can change the color of the pieces.

    Would you advise:

    A. Have all body types and colors in one animation

    Pro: requires one variable to set type and color

    Con: It makes the database messy (no clear organization)


    B. Have body types separated by animations, and colors set to frames.

    Pro: better organized

    Con: requires two variables to track body type (animation) and color (frame)

    Your advise is appreciated!

  • It depends on the game, but I would probably choose B.

    Also consider re-coloring sprites using Tint or Set Color effect. This way you may be able to set any color using just one frame.

  • Thanks for the reply.

    I had considered the tint/set color route. But I read somewhere that over using it leads to significant performance loss....

    Have you used that particular feature with success?

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  • Effects can be slow on mobile, but a few sprites with tint effect shouldn't affect the performance much on PC. You can easily test this.

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