Character Control, Easier way?

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  • I need help!

    Take a look at my project is there an easier way for me to do this jump control and moving?

    I want if your in a jump you cant change direction but if right on a land and both Left and Right keys are pressed you dont move .... yet if you release one key sometimes you run backwards. I believe i'm close to getting rid of it but its just alot of toying around with if,when,or key is released,or key is pressed actions

    2nd thing my attack function - even though i had put collision and overlapping the monster doesn't always get destroyed and you have to attack from a precise distance. Also when you jump and you hold jump you cant attack not sure whats keeping it from that

    3rd thing my crouch attack - the crouch is lined up right on my character but when i attack the animation for it isnt lined up right and i moved the origin many times but seems to always go to the same location

    can i get any pointers? sure if you wanna clean it up for me that would be great, but I'd also like to learn so make a step process of what you did and be very detailed. images are always great

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