How do I make a Character Combo

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  • I have a platform character which plays an animation attack if I press "Z"

    now I want my character to play different animation every time I hit "Z"

    doing a combo attack but I'm having a problem making a timer, I want my event to be like these, If I hit "Z" play attack animation 1 if I hit again play attack animation 2 and so on, but it must have a timer to reset the time if the animation 1 took so long then reset the again to play attack animation 1.

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  • I have made a small example of how you might be able to accomplice what you are trying to do.

    Very simplified, but could be a solution.


  • Hello again I'm still confused if only there's a way that I can change the every "x" action but nevermind. here's my sample game

    I would like to make my character do a combo if only he hit the enemy and if the combo took long the combo break and will start again from combo 1 to 4

  • You could make a variable and set the value to system.time+5 (for 5 seconds) everytime z is pressed. check if the system.time is equal or more than the variable and if so set the variable attackcombo back to 1. Set the other variable to 0 and only check it against system.time if it's not 0.

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