How do I Make character become immune after picking powerup

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  • Hey guys! I've been trying to make a platformer game and I want to know how do I make my character become immune from enemies but not the bottomless pits.

    My Capx:

    the bottomless pit in my game is a sprite called death

    enemies: boy, girl, bird

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  • Euma

    Enemies: boy, girl, bird On Collision With Main

    Second Condition: Main is SpeedPlus <<<<<Inverted to become false

    That it should make the Character Immune while is on speed PowerUp

    Or you can create another Boolean if you wish example "Immune" and do the same thing as above

    Another thing you can shorten your events a lot by grouping the repeated events like Main on collision with enemies you can put all your enemies if you can use "Families" and do something like Main on collision with Familie >>> do your Actions

    if you cannot use Families you can try swell to put all the enemies in one sprite and just change the animations

    and do the same as above

    Main on collision with Sprite >>>> do your staff

    And many more things you can shorten apart from collisions Events if you look carefully

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