How to make all the character animations to work correctly?

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  • Hi,

    For a few weeks now I've worked with this game concept/demo. Last few days I have tried to come up with a solution for this but I think I'm doing things so wrong. I have tried to search for tutorial or answer from this forum.

    What I try to achieve, is that my character has basic running (left and right) 2 jumps (small jump and bigger "jetpack thrust") and the hardest part which I don't have skills : Different animation on jumping+falling AND it has to be done so that when character runs a hill up or down it doesn't mess that up.

    When I try different solutions, it does one of two things : it shows running animation mid-air (think Michael Jordan) or it shows the right animation mid-air but when character runs on ground, it decides to throw in a little falling/jumping animation because it is going up or down. So it looks like Michael Jordan on steroids.

    Anyways , my take on this is wrong to begin with, would someone please be so kind to point me in right direction.

    This pic shows the basic movements when character runs mid-air.

  • Use instances variables (boolens which means True or False) added to the player controller.

    these should be something like this:



    so when the character is moving left or right the instance variable is set to true and set to false once the action is over.

    so it would be something like

    Gamepad key pressed ----

    -->sub-event: is mirrored --> Simulate Platform pressing left

    Player set instance var isRunning to True

    -->subevent:is not mirrored --> Simulate Platform pressing right

    Player set instance var isRunning to True

    is inst. var. isRunning true, then set animations to running

    The same goes for jumping and others

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  • Hey thanks for reply! I am trying this, I hope I can follow your instructions. I am not that good with C2.

  • osmoskosmos no problem

  • osmoskosmos no problem <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_smile.gif" alt=":)" title="Smile" />

    I got it working. It still has some flaws though, have to look into it and really understand the process first. Thank you for your help!

    I uploaded a demo for testing purposes. Works with gamepad and for best experience, use headset.

    copy+paste it

  • Looks cool, interesting idea using the sound. And glad it works

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