How do I make char stick on platform while set physics behav

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  • Hello there , I'm new here. Sorry for my bad English. I dont know how to explain this.

    I want to make mobile game for my final year project. I made a physics style game but the physics behavior is not set onto the object but on character. I show u some vision to review..


    The water gun is set to shoot the character and then it will rolling to the next platform, but then THE CHARACTER KEEP ON ROLLING AND FALL. It not just that, even before the bullet releases, the character is moving because of moving platform(sine). I want he rolls only when collide with water bullet and stop once sit on the second platform.

    Second problem is related to the first one. When the character is not stick onto the platform, once the platform move upside down (Sine), the character won't move.



    1.Cannot set character's BEHAVIOR as PLATFORM because player do not controlling the character but the gun.

    2.Even if we set platform behavior, the character only animated but do not move (physics behavior doesnt work).

    Please help me, even my lecturer can't solve this problem. I have no one to rely on .

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