How do I make my char jump to a spot without going ahead?

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  • I made a mode in my game that scrolls by and I want the player to be able to jump to the closest spot to him without jumping to a far away spot.

    What the game looks like to give you an idea of what I want --,6RjGwGX#0--

    Here is my code for jumping to a spot atm --,6RjGwGX#1--

    Ignore the Y>700 because that is from another mode and will get changed once I figure out how to get the player from being able to si

    I made the spots numbered based on where they are located but I want to make the player be forced to jump to the closest spot instead of being able to jump to the spot that is furthest away from him.

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  • Have an instance boolean that is only true for the next spot, but false to all other spots.

    I'm not sure what's the exact behavior you're expecting. Maybe if you share the capx I can help you better...

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