Changing preview browser problem - doesnt work

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  • I have tried for some time about a week ago and then quit. Now I'm back at trying to change Construct 2 creating previews on a different browser than Firefox.

    I tried changing the preferences to Opera and Internet Explorer but without any luck. The preview still pops up in Firefox. Ive no idea why, any help would be appreciated, as Firefox is very laggy for me.

  • Strange, it works perfectly for me..

    One of the reasons why I have all browsers installed..

    You could try setting your default browser in Windows itself and see if that works first, but I'm not sure as to why this would happen..

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  • What is stranger, is that it only affects my 1 project. The Construct 2 templates open in different browsers no problem, just the project that I am currently working on does not seem to want to work...

    I hope this doesn't mean I have to copy all the events and assets into a new clean project...

    EDIT: Scratch that, the infinite runner template opens up only in Opera, and not in Internet Explorer... grr, what is going on..

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