Changing particle emitter type?

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  • The are two options with the particle plugin, One Shot and Continuous.

    As far as I can see, I can change every other setting of a particle emitter through events except the type.

    I'm new to this but I can't find any solutions, it there a way I can write something that directly changes this property?


    I've just bought the product, first game (as a learning what I can do experience) I'm building a platformer and want moving clouds in the background.

    I have it all working pretty well with a burst of flow at the start but I would like to One Shot to create "existing clouds" on loading the layout, then switch the emitter to a slow flow.

    I could use 2 separate emitters but it would be more efficient to use only one.

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  • use the set spraying to turn it on and of

  • Thanks but that would only work if I used two emitters, one for One Shot and one for Continuous. I'm seeing if there's a way to change the Type setting instead.

    I can basically solve the problem but I want to know if there's better solution.

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