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  • Hi,

    I recently had a new bug with my construct 2 project. When I change the layout, and then go back to the original one, the code is going messy. Nothing works as it should do. Some code is inactive while some other is activated and shouldn't be. Animation and positions are going mindfuck.

    I don't understand why it's doing this :s

    Here is a video showing what it does:

    *add youtube url* /watch?v=6dwoqQgDF0U&

    PS: Tell me if you need my capx project to viex my code or not.

  • You might have Global variables that have changed and affect stuff..

    You might have sprites set to global or other global things..

    You might have some issues with the persist behaviour..

    You might be using system every x seconds (which counts from game start and not layout start)

    If none of these "mights" help you solve your issue, sharing your capx would probably be the only way to pinpoint it..

  • I'll try all of these, exept for the persist behavior, I did not use it.

    I'll tell you if I managed to fix this

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  • Thank you. You got it right for global object and global variables not being adjusted. But the main thing was that some groups activated without any logic. That bug desapeared for no reason when I fixed the Global things :s.

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