Changing Animation Speed?

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  • Hey y'all, quick question:

    I'm editing the animation speed of a number of different sprites of varying dimensions, and I'm noticing they don't seem to go above 24 fps.

    Is there something I'm not getting here? When I edit the animation speed in the event sheet, I can make them go as fast as I need, just not with the actual editor.

    Here's an attached .capx showing what I'm talking about. If this is a bug I'll move it to the bug thread, I just wanna make sure I'm not missing anything.

    Thanks y'all!

  • Your file works fine but You are setting speed for wrong sprites in events.

  • Like it says, I'm only setting the speed for the sprites on the top in events. If I don't do that -if I try and set the speed in the image editor- it doesn't actually change the speed.

  • Well in your file it says "Set with the animation editor:" for the top ones and "Set with the event sheet:" for the bottom ones

    Top ones have different animation speed (set in image editor) - and you are changing animation speed for them in events

    Bottom one have all the same animation speed = 24 set in image editor. (nothing for them in event)

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  • Youuuuu are so right!

    I dunno how I didn't notice that, but yeah. And now when I'm setting it in the image editor it's working. Must've been a glitch, or I just screwed something up.

    Think I'm gonna delete this post now.

    Thanks dude!

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