Changes to the way saves work...?

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  • So, the last time I used Construct 2 was like two years. At the time, global variables in a game automatically saved (into cookies, I think?), so anything that was a global variable kept up from one play session to another. You could close a game or refresh, and come back, and the globals were still whatever you'd left them at. I still have a game I uploaded to GameJolt that works this way--I know I never messed with local storage objects or anything, the game just... automatically saved globals on its own.

    I guess games made in Construct 2 no longer do that? I really don't want to have to manually call loads and saves on every global variable for every upgrade in my game; is there a way to set it back to the old way, and have it just automatically save stuff to cookies? Am I making sense?

  • the game just... automatically saved globals on its own

    Highly unlikely, it never did.

    If you did not use local or webstorage it is possible you went through the system Save and Load actions that actually saved your game to local storage for you.

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  • I think you might be right, actually. Thanks.

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