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  • Hello Com,

    I have a few question, but first of all, thank you for reading this.

    1. I have entered an tresor chest system, that means that Players can buy a Tresor Chest. In the Tresor Chest, should be Items like Weapons... Sooo now I have created 3 Weapons now I want that the user gets one weapon when he bought the chest RANDOMLY but with % chances, that means for example:

    Weapon 1 = Drop Chance 50%

    Weapon 2 = Drop Chance 40%

    Weapon 3 = Drop Chance 10%

    That means Weapon three is rarer than the others because it is not so easy to get this one, how can I create this system??

    2. Is it possible that I can create glitter arround the weapons.. That the weapons are Shiny or glitter particles or something else, that looks cool and makes this weapons rarer..


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  • I have an example of random items on the scirra arcade:

  • with only 3 quite simply..


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