How do I Change the window start position?

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  • Hi!

    I have a big layout wich i want to use pallax in Y. The problem is that my "player" starts at the bottom of the layout and the dotted line for the window is at the top. So when i start the game and scroll to the player every layer parallax to just the wrong place. So in order to build my level i need to make the starting window thingy at the bottom of the layout so that what im building in the layout editor is what i'll see when the game starts and the parallax works from there. I hope i made myself clear. Thanks in advance.

  • Nobody knows? Or is there another way of doing it. I'm pretty sure i am not the first one who bumps into this.

  • I'm still looking for a solution for this...

  • There's the option to show paralax in the editor

    This way you can see if the layers align properly.

  • Thanks! But i whould hope there was a better way of doing it. Since i dont know how high my layout will be. So when i increase the layout size i will have to redo everything. Plus, it gets really messy in the level editor when parallax is on. But im guessing that is the only way to go.

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  • Is there no solution for changing the window position? :O

  • What a pitty that there's still no answer, I have the same question...

  • What a pitty that there's still no answer, I have the same question...

    Has the SCROLL TO function been implemented yet back in 2014?

    Today you can assign a random sprite to have the SCROLL TO behavior and assign it to whatever position you want. You can stick it to the player or use a LERP to have implement an effect that looks like it's "catching up" to the player.

  • Using different x&y / layer to fake a parallax is weird anyway. What i think. Besides that it makes things complicated.

    In the real world it is something simple as this: ... .capx?dl=0

    (plane flying above ground)

  • 99Instances2Go wow, that looks amazing and it seems as if you haven't done much! Thanks for the file!

    MPPlantOfficial good idea with the scroll to function. I thought maybe there was some kind of "official" way to do it, I mean when you organize your layout and stuff before you even start designing the rest. But that solution is good!

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