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  • Can anyone give me a code to change a web-gl effect every x second.

    Example : Add blur effect to layout, and want to make the effect change all the time.

    On start of layout ---- ( Layout blur make it move between 1 to 9 ).

    Any help will be great


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  • slanw

    There's probably a few ways to go about this, most likely some better ones from more experienced guys around here but this method works for me and doesn't require to many events..


    Pick a Sprite on screen preferably on the layer you want to effect (just create a blank square and set invisble if you like) and add to it the "Sine Behavior".

    In the Sine Properties set Movement to "value only"

    Set everything to 0 cept' for Magnitude (100) and Period (say 2?)

    * you can play around with Magnitude and period for desired result..

    In events:

    Everytick > System-Set layer Effects Parameter > The layer, The effect, Index (0), then > "Sprite.Sine.Value"

    *replace 'sprite' .sine.value with your sprites name that you added sine to

    * You'll probably need to do this for Both Horizontal and Vertical but they can both run from the same Sine.Value.

    Hope that works okay for you..

  • Ometheu

    Thank's alot

    This is a smart trick and no need for many event's

    I'm searching for a way to make light and dark effect like " our darker purpose ' Game

    The game was made by construct 2,

    If you know how to make the same light effect, this will help me alot

    Thank's again

  • Here's a simple demonstration of one way I go about the lighting effect, this isn't lightweight, so just use how I have the layers blending in principal to apply to your own needs, I suggest you play around with layer 2's effect, hardlight, multiply etc will yield different results.

    Basically I have one layer on top of everything with a solid black background color (helps hides the edges of my sprite image), I set the layers effect to overlay, then I create a sprite on there with my light source image, generally a white circle with a fading to transparent radius. Lastly I change the sprites Blendmode to Additive.

    Plus search around the forum, There's probably a smarter, better and more performance friendly method out there

    ** Edit: Forgot to mention, use your arrow keys to move the light around on the attached example.

  • Sorry for the late replay

    This is awesome light effect Ometheu

    I will mix it with the sine method to get best result.

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