How do I change video playback time to a specific point

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  • The video object allows you to change the playback position to the second. Is it possible to get more specific? Has anyone made a plugin for this?

    I'm working on a project where you can add key-frames to a video. It would be nice to be able to say, for example: playback video from 7.45 seconds

  • I guess you've read this:

    Set playback time

    Set the video playback time to a specific time in seconds (i.e. seek to the given time). Due to the way video encoding technologies work, the video may only be able to seek close to but not exactly on the specified time.

    My guess would be setting it to 7.45 seconds should work also, just like you can set "every x seconds" to 0.2

    I haven't tried though..

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  • Thanks for your reply.

    I've tried testing it using floats, but can't even get it to work with an integer at the moment!

    For example:

    Set Playback Time to 5

    This just restarts the video. Has anyone else faced a similar problem?

    Have tested it with an mp4 and webm but neither work.

  • In regards to the problem above ^^

    Turns out it was my server causing the problem.

    I was serving the video using php's built in server which doesn't cut the file into chunks (at least not straight out of the box).

    If anyone has a similar problem, this link should help

    Even though it's talking about looping a video, it still answers the question.

    I fixed the problem by setting up a virtual machine with vagrant but that's probably too advanced for the average user. If you're having trouble, try using "wamp" or "xampp".

    Long story short, you need a server that can send a video in small chunks.

    Hopefully this helps people out with similar video playback problems!

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