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  • Hi all,

    in these days I was trying to free some space in C: on my small SSD and I noticed there was about 1gb in some temp dir in "user/"username"/appdata/local". I open some and I found picture, sound files and other things of my C2 projects, also old project! I deleted them and I free some space.

    My question is: can we change this temp dir and choose another hdd letter (maybe D:)?


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  • Construct 2 automatically cleans up any temporary files it creates when closing down. So it should not be leaving any files at all. It might be a bug, can you find a way to reproduce it?

  • Mmmmh... I don't know how to reproduce it, but now you say that C2 cleans the temp files "when close"... maybe the times it doesn't close normally (about 50% of times) when I force C2 to close... it doesn't clean those files! Maybe with the new stable release R114 it shut down correctly and this problem vanish! I'll check in this days!

    Thanx Ashley!

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