How do I change tab order of controls?

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  • Am I missing something obvious in the editor? I have 5 controls and if I hit the tab key, I want to tab through them in a different order to the order that C2 is using. For example, I have a login page which has a login textbox, then 2 password textboxes (for registration). It then has a login textbox and another password textbox on the other side of the screen, for logging in. If you're in the first login box and hit tab, it goes over to the other login box (presumably because they're the same type of control and were created together?), but I want it instead to go down to the first password box.

    Is there a simple way of doing this, other than creating completely separate boxes or redesigning my screen?

  • From what I can see the order in which you create them is the order of tab switching. Possibly related to UID? I would suggest changing around the boxes and renaming them. Perhaps someone knows of a better way but this would solve it I know from experience.

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  • Yeah I couldn't find a way either. Since there were only 5, I had to ensure that they were created in the order that I wanted to tab-order them. It's a bit fiddly, a case of create 1 login box, create 2 password boxes, create 1 login box, create 1 password box. But it does work that way at least. Would be interested to know if there's another way, but this works for now. Thanks.

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