How do I change sprite colors in iOS?

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  • Since iOS (Apple iPhones) don't support WebGL, is there another way to change colors of sprites?

    IF I were to want a sprite to change to 10 different colors, then without Effects (which require WebGL), I have to import all 10 colors of sprites as separate images, which makes the app huge - about 10x larger.

    Is there some better alternative?

    Desperate Hail Mary: might the color effects work anyway after it's compiled with Xcode and no longer in the HTML 5 native format?

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  • Hmmm without web GL may have a tricky time...

    im not sure

    have to look into it

    you could try using a Transparent overlay and change its Blending mode

    pinned to the Sprite

    using a few color choices...

    it may not be perfect but it might work out ok and the file size would be quite smaller than 10 sets of colors

    try that

    try one color overlay and mask it to the Sprite outline if you can

    its a good question..

    Ashely? any ideas?

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