Change speed of 8-direction movement in game

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  • Hello again.

    (sticking to keys for now, I might change later on)

    I want to be able to press one key to speed up the paddle movement (breakout style game) and once that key is released the paddle returns to its normal speed.

    I have tried to do like this:

    On Left key pressed --- Simulate 8 direction pressing left

        subevent: Keyboard ctrl is down --- set 8 direction speed to 700

    (I also wrote second event below to read the released key to restore to normal speed but I deleted it)

    It didn't work.

    I have added another action to the ctrl key to verify so that the keys works and it does. So I must be doing something wrong with the 8 direction?

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  • Have a nice max speed, and play around with acceleration.

  • Thanks, I am going to try out now.

  • I experimented with acceleration but I dislike how it "continues" to go even when the key is released.

    Or maybe I am daft. ;)

  • There is also decelleration ^_^

    Use the max speed as your variable (to increase with level etc)

    Use high values for both acceleration and decellaration :)

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