How do I change solid behavior when sprite angle changes

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  • Greetings,

    I am attempting to make a square sprite change from solid to non-solid depending on its angle.

    I have a key set to rotate the sprite clockwise at 90 degrees and a key to rotate the sprite counter-clockwise at 90 degrees. I need the sprite to change from solid to non-solid at 90 degrees clockwise and 90 degrees counter-clockwise and only at those angles. At 0 degrees and 180 degrees the object can be solid (top and bottom of sprite). I don't see an event where angle =, I only see 'Is between angles', 'Is clockwise from', and 'Is within angle'.

    I am getting back into Construct and it's been years since I have last touched it and I might be missing something vital.

    Thank you.

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  • Thank you very much, Korbaach!

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  • I have one more question regarding this.

    When the Platform is standing on the sprite when the rotation happens and the sprite solid is set to disabled it does not fall through immediately. The Platform has to move off of the sprite and move back on to fall through. Is there any simple way to fix that?

    Thank you,

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