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  • Hi guys, i have a part of my game where 2 npcs talk to each other with the clasic "comic bubble", right now the dialogs just shows up without any kind of transition but i want them to kinda pop up, with a transition from size 1x1 to their normal size.

    I tried the sine but i didnt get how to make it go from one value to another and do it just 1 time.

    Any behavior suggestion or tip on how to accomplish this?


  • system compare two values - normal height > sprite.height

    -- Sprite set height to sprite.height+1

    system compare two values - normal width > sprite.width

    -- Sprite set width to sprite.width+1

    Every tick 1 is added to width and height.

    This stops when normal size is reached.

    should work with square sprites

    Ofcourse you should define the values for normal width and normal height

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  • Thanks, that got me in the right path to doing it, i used the scale property and got it working.

    Thanks again!

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