How do I change server in multiplayer

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  • hello there my friends .. i want to ask you .. i want to start making a multiplayer game .. so i chose the Example multiplayer real time game template from construct 2 .. i can do there everything i want but i have a problem .. how i can change the server that scirra using ! i want to change the free server i mean .. i want to buy one and replace it .. i tried to write there Localhost .. i thought it maybe works .. but no ! any ideas please ? and if i can make my computer is the server for this game will be better if you know how ! Do u know where to buy a server to host my multiplayer game ? I dont want to use scirra's server .. because every one will enter to it too .. even throw construct !!!

  • Scirra provides a signalling SERVICE. This is used to connect peers to each other. As the multiplayer plugin utilizes peer to peer networking, the first peer to connect to a game becomes the host, and that is your "server".

    To control who connects to your game, you will want to use a unique Game Instance name. Then only people running the same game will be able to join.

    You should read, follow, recreate, and understand all of the multiplayer tutorials before trying to make a multiplayer game to avoid running into significant difficulties down the road. Good luck.

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  • I readed it all ! .. and i tried it ! Like you know what i did to test it ? I exported it to html5 and uploaded it to my website .. i launched it from there and launched it from the construct 2 .. i was able to join ! About one minute .. someone joined two !! XD loool we start chatting about he was testing the game and he want to start trying make something with XD like me !! I just need to know how i can change the server that scirra using in this project .. and if i can where i can rent a server ?

  • I need to change the server (signalling) so no one can join until downloading the game ! Or access it !

  • You need to change the game name and/or instance name to be unique. The signalling server has nothing to do with that.

  • Really ??? Thanks i will try ! I hope it works !!

  • i love you my friend ! .. it did worked ! it did worked ! i changed the them both so it did worked

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