How do I change the savegame on a dedicated server?

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  • I have read and tested the tutorial that shows how to make a multiplayer game in real-time. Now, once created the program and performed an upgrade on my website that will act as host to the game, I want to ensure that players can download a client containing the graphics and the physics of the game, but that the data related to the rescues of the game (score and resources in the inventory) remains safe on the server.

    I want to make that the player can safely play even a single player offline version but is driven to connect to online to access their resources obtained in the multiplayer game.

    I've already learned, from tutorials obtained in this website, you manage a chat room and put it in my game, already modified for multiplayer and successfully tested. Before putting it online, I will be sure to make that data and bailouts remain online and offline, on the player's computer.

    As always, I apologize for my bad grammar. Am working google translator.

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  • Solved, thanks!

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