How do I change rope style settings ?

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  • Hi guys, I have pinned with rope style a small sprite in the center of a bigger. The movement is correct...but a bit too strong...can I reduce the distance that the pinned sprite moves from it's pinned center ???


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  • here is a image for my problem Ok , here is a image to explain it: my driver that is in the center of the car should move (rope style) right left up and down from the center as soon you go to drive the car (jump+drive). but it should not go over the red marked area. In the pined rope style I can't see any setting to block my driver befor he goes almost out of the car.



  • There's a few settings for the Rope style you can tweak, but they're not of the Rope setting itself. Because you're using Physics the mass of your player object counts, so the heavier the player, the less likely it is to bounce around unless subjected to excessive force. If you lower the Rope's string factor and raise the player's mass he shouldn't bounce around as much. How much to tweak is a matter of trial and error.

  • Hi, thanks 4 the answer

    ehm...but I did NOT use phiscs...rope is working without..... is there a setting also wiyhout using phics ?


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