Change to random Sine Wave?

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  • Hi,

    How would you make an object, upon reaching a certain condition(for example, on reaching max magnitude), change it's sine wave type to another, random one? (Sine,Square,Triangle,Sawtooth)

  • I think you can do this:

    Create an instance variable for the object, "SineType" or whatever.

    Create some events to change the sine type depending on that variable,

    Object.SineType=1 ----->Sine

    Object.SineType=2 ----->Square

    Object.SineType=3 ----->Triangle

    Object.SineType=4 ----->Sawtooth


    Condition-----> Set Object.sinetype((rnum(1,4))

    Something like that.

    Edit: Actually I think it would be Object.sinetype(floor(random(1,5))

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  • Well yes, that's the logic.

    But how do you set the value of "SineType"?

    System only lets you set global variables whereas the Objects "menu" only lets you pick a certain Sine Type from a drop-down menu.

  • In the layout, select your object. In the properties menu on the left, click on instance variables and add the SineType variable there.

    Then, you can access the value as Object.SineType.

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