How do I change the "fire rate" of bullets?

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  • So I have my bullets set up to shoot when you hold the left mouse button down, which also move the player, but the bullets shoot at a very fast rate. How do I slow down the rate at which the bullets spawn? I am pretty new to this so a very "dumb minded" answer would be perfect haha thanks :)

  • There was an answer in your other topic, I'll post it here;

    Every tick

       add dt to reload

    Reload >= 1

       plane shoot bullet

       set reload to 0

    dt is just "dt". You can see it under system expressions.

    DT, or delta time, is the time between every tick.

    Basically, this will shoot something every 1 second. If you want it to shoot

    every 2 seconds, set it to 2. Every half second? 0.5.

    You want to do it this way so your game is framerate independent.

    It's important, since you want your game to run the same at all


    You can read more about delta time and framerate independence here.

    EDIT: I made a capx for you, check it out here.

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  • perfect thank you!

  • My rate oif fire is massive and i cant fix it, it is set to 1 on the object but it fires millions

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