Change a property for an object Project-wide?

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  • Hi everyone,

    As my project gets bigger...(more frames) its becoming incresingly time wasting to have to edit the properties of certian object one frame at a time for 30 frames. Is there really no way to select an object in the project window, then edit a property of that object and have it update that property across all instances of that object in the entire project?

    This is NOT a property I can simply change with an event at start of frame etc. It MUST be actually updated in the all frames in the frame editor, NOT at run-time.



  • Which properties?

    I doubt he would give us the ability to change image points at run time, but hot spots would be a nice addition.

    Also I would think that anything done in the image editor would be project wide already.

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  • Most properties can be edited on the left once the object is highlighted in the project bar on the right...

    The only things you can alter in the image editor that you can't elsewhere is the animation speed and animation names as far as I can remember...sounds like you have cloned object rather than created another instance of the same object? ...

    I'm slightly confused...

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