How do I change the position after it's been set?

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  • I'm trying to sort out a ledge climb but having some issues. At the moment, I have it set so that when an invisible detector in front of the player overlaps with an invisible detector on the edge of a ledge, the player's position is set to the position of the ledge detector. The problem is that when the ledge climb animation is finished it still snaps the player to the ledge. I can't seem to change this. It's as though when the player's position has been set to this detector, it cannot be undone.

    Setting the player's position only triggers when an instance variable inside the player ledge grab detector is true. The detector is set to not overlap the ledge detector during the end of the climb animation however. I don't know what could be going wrong.

    This probably isn't the most efficient way of doing this. How would I be able to fix the positioning bug? If not, what would be the best way to achieve a ledge climb?

    EDIT: I've followed another ledge grab capx in design, but there are differences. His never changes the value of x and y when actually grabbing the ledge. Mine on the other hand plays the animation, but the x and y vectors stay the same. I'll upload the capx for an example. Let me know what you think.

    filedropper [DOT] com /testproject1

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