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  • Hi all!

    Say, I was wondering if someone could help me? I'm creating a little game/birthday card for my son's birthday. He is an adult now, but I'm using art he created as a child. My Construct skills are not really all that great. Its a platform game where the player has to grab matches and light fireworks corresponding to the matches color. I've got most of the mechanics worked out, but I still have a lot to do to finish up the layout, and add more sounds, clean up the event sheet etc. etc.

    The problem I would like to solve (I only have a few days left) involves an invisible sprite I have pinned to the character. I had so much trouble getting the match to pin correctly to the character, that I simply added an anim of the character with a lit match right into the characters animation choices. I thought I would use an invisible sprite on his hand for the collisions. The problem is that I've set it up so depending on if the left or right arrow is pressed he faces that direction. When I do this however it does not flip the collision square. Is there a way to designate where a pin is pinned depending on which animation is playing?


    Nevermind,,,, took a couple of hours, but I figured out a work around.

    Thanks to a couple of suggestions from the kind folks in the Chat room.

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