Change path mid move-along without stopping

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  • Hi I just started using construct yesterday. I love it. I was wondering if there was a way to keep my units from instantly stopping when the player gives it a new path while it is already moving along another path.

    Clarification: when I give a unit a move order it turns then goes straight to the co-ordinates. If it is moving toward the location I sent it to and I decide to move it somewhere else it breaks its own rules of deceleration and stops instantly. It starts to move as if it was not moving to begin with.

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  • Have you seen Pathfinding demo in Contruct 2?

    If I understand this right this it what you looking for.

    In the example when you click to Go to new position it Stops and go to the new ordered position. In this case the Order to Stop was a Click of mouse, but you can customize that for what you want.

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  • I want the unit to keep moving and while moving turn towards the new co-ordiantes and continue along its way.

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