change parameters on all instances of an enemy

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  • Hi!

    for the moment I have just 1 enemy. I have him in several parts of the stage so i multiplied it holding ctrl and moving it.

    The thing is that if I select only one of them and change it's parameters the others won't change, only the one selected. If i select it on the project folder all of them are selected but the parameters in the behavior (in this case platform) will be erased and have to complete them all again which is a lot fo work. And it's also a problem deleting them all except for one where I'll change the parameters to copy it later. There have to be an easy way to do this but can't find it.

  • When you ctl drag off an object it creates an instance of that object with all behaviors, instance variables, and settings inside at THAT moment. The key is to put your original in a specific location off-screen and set it up exactly like you want ALL of instances of its type to behave. Then ctl drag them off. The nice thing is, if you later want a cloned instance to behave in a different manner you can manually change its settings.

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  • Can't you just shift select the ones you want to alter - then anything you alter (size, speed, instance variables, etc) will only effect the selected ones ?

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