How do I change order?

  • I use paint to make my Sprites/Background and they look good.the problem is i put a blue back ground down then a brown sprite with 0 speed,but it was behind the background,so i right clicked it and pushed move to top but i cant because i have the free version!What do i do,help?

  • Layers

    Even with free you have like 3 of them.

    Make several layers, every project should have 3 minimum: Background, Main, and, Hud (or GUI).

    Set your bottom most sprite (ie the backdrop) to Background layer and then lock the layer.

    Set the rest of your sprites to Main unless they are interface or text objects which would be set to Hud/Gui.

    When a sprite is selected look to the left hand column under its properties and you will see its current layer setting.

    If sprites on the same layer are acting whacky you can set their order using the z-order tool or an event.

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  • Do it like this demo

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