How do I change only one layer sampling to linear

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  • It's been a moment i'm looking for that, i saw some post (on construct classic) saying that we could change the layer sampling. My game is pixelated and in Point Sampling but my HUD elements like Menus, ect... getting really uggly because of that, it looks perfect with Linear but fuck up the other part of the game which is the game itself. Is there a way to simply change the sampling on only one of the laye like it was possible on construct?

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  • You can't. It would be a feature request.

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  • the same here... i need some objects (or layers) to be set with sampling point and all the rest set with sampling linear... i'm searching the forum and for now the pixellate effect seems to be the only way to perform this... there is any other solution? read about the way to override the sampling for the layer.. how to perform this? i don't see any option in layer properties to override the sampling set in project setting... some help? thanks

  • Game engines tend to focus on rendering as few times as possible.

  • Please read this:

    someone can test it and report for a solution? thanks


    Bug fixed by scirra in construct 2 release 231 finally!

    Bug Fix

    WebGL effects: pixellate effect (and other effects relying on pixelWidth/pixelHeight) could appear different after export due to spritesheeting

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