How do I change one aspect of the animation for all frames

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  • Hi,

    I have sprite which is a black ball. This blackball has the animations of up, across, and arched. I want to change this black ball to different colors in every frame of the animation without having to create a new ball. So I sometimes want a black ball and sometimes a blue but they both are the same and have the same animations with just different colors. Because I want to do this with multiple colors and I have many events linked to the balls I do not want to duplicate and clone the balls and events.

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  • Well, one way to get this to work is to just create new animations for the sprite. blackup, blackacross, blackarched, blueup, blue across, bluearched,... and so on. You could keep them all in the same sprite so you don't have to clone balls or events.

    Make some kind of variable on the sprite to see if color should be blue it will use the blue animations instead.

    Is this what you are after?

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