How do I change mouse cursor for multiple buttons?

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  • Hello all,

    it's my first post, I am new to Construct 2, and my native language is not english, so I apologise if my english is not good enough to be understood by you. ^_^

    I'm making a HTML5-based game with four buttons on the main menu.

    (New Game, Load Game, Achievements, Options)

    All buttons are on the same layer (Layer 0 above background).

    I have been able to change mouse cursor to hand when the cursor is over a certain object like New Game button, but the problem arises when I add a same event for a different button like Load Game button or Achievement button.

    Why does it work only for one button (mouse event change cursor) ?

    I have included a simpler version of my problem, in this capx:Don't worry about MoveTo plug-in problem, it's not necessary for my problem anyway.

    I hope I asked that understandably.

    Thanks a lot for any help with this!

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  • Hello my friend. Unfortunately, you don't have enough reputation to post links in the forum, so I cannot check this .capx of yours.

    Try increasing this reputation by earning some badges:

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