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  • Hi guys, I tried to remake a my old project (video) in HTML5. I have some questions and problems to make in construct2:

    1)To change level (or rooms or you like), do I need more layers?

    2)I tried to create a clone object for player with same Y coordinate at the end of first level, but don't work.

    Cannot create an instance of the object type 'playerbox2': there are no instances of this object anywhere in the project. Construct 2 needs at least one instance to know which properties to assign to the object. To resolve this, add at least one instance of the object to the project, on an unused layout if necessary.

  • There is the game

  • Add an Object Layout, to put all your objects in. C2 needs at least one instance to know its properties.

    About your levels as shown in the video, you can either have a large layout and move your camera around (creating a transparent sprite with scrollto behavior) as the player reaches a certain x or y. Or you create a new layout and use the "go to Layout" event as your player overlaps an invisible sprite or certain x/y value

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  • Plaoo Each Layout is a new level/room/whatever you want to call it.

  • Thanks guys, now I'm going try to fix player's coordinates when the level changes.

  • Done!

    System -> player.X >= ViewportRight(WindowWidth) -> System Set scroll X scrollx+800

    System -> player.X >= ViewportLeft(WindowWidth) -> System Set scroll X scrollx-800

    resolution 800*600

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