How do I change Layouts ( Levels)?

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  • I seem to be so far behind everyone in this program.

    I am making my platform game and I had the guy go up to the top of a narrow passage using platforms.

    That worked fine.

    Then I wanted him to go to another layout, so I made Layout2.

    My problem came when I looked at the tutorials on changing levels. After sorting them out to get the ones that were actually changing the layout and not just the player level, I found that theirs works and mine doesn't.

    I placed a heart at the top and had the player touch it and nothing happened even though I had an event to say go to Layout2. ( I didn't have another player waiting in Level 2.) I used the system to go there in the event.

    The transition from Layout1 to Layout2 is my problem.

    I am completely lost at this point and I was just called for lunch.


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  • Never mind. I figured it out after Lunch.

    I had the exit door colliding with the playerbox instead of the Playerbox colliding with the Exit door.

    Now that works, I need to place the player and the Playerbox in Layout2.

    Thanks for being so patient with me.


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