How do I change layout size without changing window size

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  • I have a game where i drop an object from the top of the screen and if the object hits the ground without hitting anything else it goes to the next level.

    I use the same layout but i used "set canvas size" to add height, trying to make the game infinite and each level just a little longer.

    However the window size changes as well, matching the canvas size making the entire game look smaller, fitting it all into the same screen instead of scrolling with the object.

    is there another way to do this that i am not thinking of?

    is there a way to dynamically change layout size?

    or can i use set canvas size and be able to set window size to something else?

    Thank you for your time,


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  • I'm pretty sure Set Canvas Size only changes the window size, and not the layout size. And as far as I remember there is not a way to dynamically alter the layout size (@Ashley would this ever be possible?).

    Instead of using layout size to decide where the level ends and such, try using variables and setting the layouts bounding to false.

  • Just enable unbounded scrolling on the layout and use events to impose your own dynamic limits. "Set canvas size" really only changes the viewport so won't help here.

  • Thank you for clarifying all of this. I will try that unbounded scrolling

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