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  • Sorry but i could not find any thread related to this...

    Actually i want to change the language of my game build which i compile with cocoonjs... i mean when people install my apk on their mobile... the name of game should be in different specific language in menu of mobiles.... like i want it in the app name shows in chinese... and while playing game the text which is shown when i press back button it shows... "are you sure you want to exit" ..this text is there a way in constrcut 2 which can translate these text to a specific.language... Thanks

    If anyone find any thread related to this query...please reply with a link...

    Thanks guys

  • Have you ever tried translating with

    If so you should be aware that translation isn't something that can be done by programs or machines.

    If you'd like your translations to be correct and readable you'd need a person to translate it for you..

  • This isn't that hard, but does require some initial setup and decisions.

    Are you using some text object or are you using images. Maybe both.

    If your using images you should then use animations with the language support. Just change the images based on the language. Also do a section where players can change the language variables based on images.

    If your using TEXT. The best wave is to create varible JSON/XML files.

    I've done this once before so it's not that hard.

    I don't know any other languages so this is just a pseudo example.


    HELLO : "Hello world!",

    TEST : "This is a language test"

    HELLO : "badagoboo",

    TEST : "pbbbbbbfff boodapoo"

    So no you have 2 language files.

    Through out your game set all your text objects TEXT var to your language variable set.

    Textobject.text = HELLO

    ok. Load your language string into the Dictionary plugin.

    At the beggining of a page loop through each text object

    On Start of Layout

    For each TextObject/SpriteFont

    object.setText = Dictionary.get( object.text )

    and now you are multilanguge

  • LittleStain


    Thanks for the repLY am not using text am using images in app but the problem is not to change language text inside the app its outside like here is the screenshots

    <img src="" border="0" />


    <img src="" border="0" />

    I want these text in chinese or any specific language i mention...only for these 2...

  • You ought to have a look at this tutorial, it's actually pretty awesome !

  • It's a good tutorial. But using JSON file instead would produce less code overhead. Since C2 Dictionary can import a C2 JSON.


    C2 can't do that. What your looking at is the manifest file or IOS wrapper information. If you want a per country change for language. You will need to create different versions of the app with different information in meta package. So what you need is just more than one version.

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  • emoaeden thanks for the link

    jayderyu thanks for your reply

    So for creating a different version...what i have to with construct 2 i mean it got some features to create app which am looking for?

  • aashcool07

    No game on Android can change there icon name. No game in IOS can change there icon name.

    You need to create the game. Compile/Export the game. Then non C2 tools change ID of the games ICON.

    For Android you need find the manifest file. For IOS I don't now. I've never exported to IOS.

  • jayderyu Thanks for the information :)

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