How do I Change instance variables with JavaScript

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  • Hi,

    I've posted this elsewhere as I wasn't sure where and who to ask. So sorry if you have read this already.

    I am using the Browser plugin to send and get data from an Adobe Captivate slide. The code I am using to set the data from the Captivate FO1 variable is correct as I have used it before. The get should be working also its the C2 instance variable object property I am unsure about. I'd appreciate some help with this.

    Here is the example code. The set is working but the get isn't showing up.

    "window.parent.cpAPIInterface.setVariableValue('FO1',1);";;;;;;;;;;;;;This works fine

    "this.runtime.textmmm.V1 = window.parent.cpAPIInterface.getVariableValue('FO2');";;;;;;;;;;;;;This isn't working at all.

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