How do I Change Instance Variables in Multiplayer?

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  • this might be a newb question for some but can I ask how to update variables in multiplayer that can be seen by other peers? especially texts type variables. i have been working on an online interface where players can pick their character while in the room before actually fights in the arena. i have seen a lot of tutorials on actual fight or whatever you want to call it, but none for GUIs.

    while writing this, i got an idea that instead of joining to the signalling room, i can work it out through mysql server. i might make them join to my local server to configure themselves then when they are ready, the room master can now start the match and that is the only time they will connect to the signalling server and fight with each other.

    anyway, any better ideas? do you think it is possible to do GUIs in signalling because i have lots of variables to handle and i am not quite sure if it will work with mysql on syncing the stats of the characters.

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