How do I change the icon of a Game exported to Node-webkit?

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  • Hi Guys!

    I want change the icon of a game exported to "Node-webkit". I see that can't change the icon, and the icon is the of node-webkit. Example, I use the example of a Game Multiplayer and I exported to Node-webkit(Dekstop):

    The icon is the of Node-webkit, I want change to a Icon custom. How do I change the icon?

    Note: I'm sorry of my bad english, i'm learning.

  • This question has been covered many times before. Please read this forum topic:

    It should help you solve the issue.

  • I do not understand !

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  • Find on google the resource hacker for example, download it and open it.

    Open the "multiplayergameexample" and you will see some folders.

    There is a folder with name "Icon", replace the icon with yours..

    Save the new "exe" file and the icon will change.

    That's it!

    Help forum:

  • Resource Hacker, I don't trust! thank you some !

  • This is not a "Hacker" program.. It's just a name. It's not a virus, etc

    "Resource HackerTM is a freeware utility to view, modify, rename, add, delete and extract resources"

    With this you can change any exe icon you want and more..

    Do whatever you want, of course.

    Have a nice day!!! : -)

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