How do I change host position in a chat room?

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  • Hi, I'm talking about the Multiplayer chat template in the C2 examples. Is there any way to implement a system where when the host leaves the game, another player gets the host position? It is to prevent that the peers get kicked from the chat whenever the host leaves the game.

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  • I'm not 100% sure, but I think that this is already the way it works.

    When the host leaves the room, a different player becomes the host.

    Either this is the case or there is no way to change the host, since there isn't any action that does this.

    So if it doesn't happen automatically (which I assume), there is no way to do it (yet?).

  • randomly No, it doesn't work this way. When the host leaves the room, peers get kicked from the room.

    I think there might be a way, because in the tutorial's comments someone wrote many years ago he had been able to implement this system.

    Anyway, if it is not possible, is there any other way to prevent players being kicked from the chat room whenever the host logs out?

  • I think I found a solution, Event: "On signalling error" Action: "Auto- join room"

    For me this has worked, although now it's impossible to be the host, you are always a peer and I don't know what acts now as host, but it is always connected and its name is "1"

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  • Of course, the room you rejoin has to be the same as the one you were in before

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